“What is the state of the Swedish economy”? Presentation of OECD’s just released 2017 Economic Survey of Sweden and its future growth recommendations. Organized by CCSF in collaboration with the Swedish think tank Centre for Business Policies and Studies (SNS) in Paris.

OECD Economic Surveys: Sweden

Presentation by Jon Pareliussen, Economist at the Swedish desk at the OECD

Thursday, February 23rd, 19h00
Location: CCSF , 39 avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie, 75008 Paris
Strong macroeconomic, fiscal, and financial fundamentals, coupled with a highly competitive market and a diversified business sector have remained the core pillars of the well-faring Swedish economy throughout the last few years. An expanding labour force has benefited economic output, and unemployment is receding. But to what extent is this development balanced across Swedish society?

Sweden remains one of the world’s most gender-equal countries. Women outperform men in education, have high employment rates, and hold particularly high representation in government and parliament. Yet there is work to be done to level gender equality and wage differences.

Join us and SNS in receiving Mr. Jon PARELIUSSEN, currently economist at the OECD’s Swedish desk, and former Senior Advisor to the Norwegian Ministry of Finances, as he presents to us the 2017 OECD’s Economic Survey of Sweden. Mr. PARELIUSSEN will offer an analysis of the Swedish economy today, provide an assessment of the country’s recent macroeconomic performance and prospects, and explain the recommendations on how to continue fostering of more inclusive growth.

The talks will be moderated by Ms. Sandra FRIMANN-CLAUSEN ENGEL, Minister/Counsellor of economic and financial affairs at the Swedish delegation to the OECD and UNESCO.



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