France-Sweden for Connected Commerce in Stockholm April 19th

France is one of Europe’s leading markets for e-commerce with 72B€ spent by 37m online customers in 2016. According to Forrester Research’s last insight report, France e-commerce market grew by nearly 15% between 2015 and 2016. This growth is expected to continue in the same pace the next coming years with the accrued contribution of smartphone sales, new product verticals and the increase of subscription-based services.

Today, over 200’000 online webshops exists in France and during the past 3 years an increasing number of new and international brands have successfully entered this market with the help of smart digital marketing efforts and the use of influencers.

Sweden is a pioneering country within this type of marketing, which is why Digital Influence Consulting and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in France have decided to create this event: focusing on Swedish brands who wish to grow their digital business on the French market, helping them to attain a good understanding of the market, referring them to the relevant local partners and guiding them to the right digital marketing mix.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Stockholm and helping you to get the most out of the French digital market and its new consumption habits.

For a complete schedule of the workshop and registration form click hereAttendees Workshop invitation

Please note that the number of participants is limited. Registration form to be returned no later than February 28th 2018.

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