The Future of Retail E-Commerce

This is the time of deep reflection for the retail industry. After the widespread disruption the
sector experienced in 2020, the retail industry must start to look towards the new reality that
will follow. The pandemic has in many cases accelerated the progress for change by 5-10
years. New challenges bring new opportunities. What will be required by retailers to
accelerate future business models and what are the best strategies to move your
organization into the future?

In this webinar we will provide you with valuable insights by our experienced

● Paul Martin, Chair Global Retail Steering Group & Head of Retail UK KPMG in the
● Paul de Jong, CEO and CSO IKEA Nederland
● Wilko Klaassen, VP Commercial Belgium / Netherlands / France (GM BeNeFra) at
● Elène Siem, Tax Expert KPMG Meijburg & Co
● Moderator TBA

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This webinar is organized by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands in
collaboration with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in France.

















































































Start: 4300-07-24 16:16
Slutar: 8800-07-24 16:16


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