The services revolution – a global opportunity for Sweden and Swedish companies

We are in the midst of a global technology fundamentally changing the way we communicate, manufacture products and interact in business – from 3D printing to Internet of Things connecting people and machines. Most companies today are stepping up their focus on service-oriented business models and strategies, but the pace in which this transition is taking place and the impact it will have on global societal development is still unclear. However, when adding the steady growth of digitally-driven platform companies to the equation, a dramatic increase in global services becomes nothing less than a revolution. Companies are facing considerable challenges as well as vast opportunities.

What actions need to be taken to lead the services revolution?



Lena Sellgren, Chief economist at Business Sweden, the Swedish Trade and Invest Council. Prior to Business Sweden, she served as Chief analyst at Nordea Markets. Lena Sellgren has served as Head of Public Finances at the National Institute of Economic Research in Stockholm and she has more than ten years experience from working at the Swedish Ministry of Finance, including Deputy Head of Tax Policy Analysis.

Conference organized in cooperation with Business Sweden and SNS.


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